InVita Puts a Laser Focus on Innovation at
iTx2023 Global Partner Conference




InVita's iTx2023 Global Partner Conference for Donation-Transplant brought together industry professionals from across the world to collaborate and drive forward innovations in tissue, eye, and organ donation-transplantation. 



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After three years of virtual events, InVita was excited to be live and back in person last week with its iTx2023 Global Partner Conference in beautiful Dana Point, CA, with innovation and inspiration in abundance. Over two days, the 200+ attendees were treated to thought-provoking presentations from 27 donation-transplantation and hospital leaders, insightful panel discussions, iTransplant-themed team competitions, 26 laser focused sessions focused on progressing forward innovation and maximizing use of iTransplant, many networking opportunities, and a connection to purpose never to be forgotten.

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15-year-old Phoenix King and her mother, Nicole, opened iTx2023 by sharing Phoenix’s journey as a survivor of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome/Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis. As a recipient of both birth tissue grafts and corneal transplants, Phoenix provided inspiring testament to the criticality of tissue donation and the work of donation-transplant professionals worldwide.


Phoenix remarked, “I just want to say everything that you do is for a reason. The surgeons cannot place all these grafts and do these things without your help. So even on the days you feel tired, you feel like you don't want to do it, you're helping people like me. Without all your help, I wouldn't be here. I just want to say thank you to everyone in here for just doing your job, even on the days you feel bad.”  


Phoenix’s message, delivered with her infectious smile and humorous personality, provided a poignant reminder to the audience of their critical role in improving the lives of individuals like herself and kick-started iTx2023 with additional focus and inspiration to continue moving the needle forward for donation and transplant.


From there, iTx2023 was off and running, with Wade Liu, InVita’s Chief Product Officer and General Manager, Donation & Transplant, helping frame the diverse collaborative innovation sessions throughout the event with the established goals of:

  • Enabling and maximizing every opportunity
  • Ensuring meaningful deployment of technology
  • Having a laser focus on efficiency

Amongst the two days of successful iTx2023 sessions were:

  • An inspirational and fun look-back + exciting look-ahead by John Piano, Founder of Transplant Connect and InVita Strategic Advisor, describing InVita’s focus and expanded commitment to continue to drive key innovations to elevate performance and strengthen use of iTransplant, data, and real-time communications to save and heal more lives
  • An update on diverse key product and strategic initiatives from Wade Liu, ranging from advanced interoperability, iTransplant App expansion + location services solutions, usability, expanded self-administration, regulatory compliance, data-driven process improvement, and iTransplant Help support tools
  • A key security and technology update by Alex Muller, InVita Vice President of Engineering, including insights into the robust iTransplant Hub infrastructure supporting the ecosystem as well as an exciting look ahead at artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and data aggregation opportunities
  • Core and action-focused Birth Tissue, Eye Banking, Family Services, Hospital Development, Organ Procurement, and Tissue Screening & Recovery User Groups facilitated by members of InVita’s expert Product Team, where super users took a deep dive alongside peers to learn from one another and collaboratively discuss, prioritize, and design key new innovations and enhancements
  • A diverse fourteen (14) member iReferral POWER Panel of hospital and donation experts from across the country who shared their detailed experiences and benefits gained successfully launching iReferral to eliminate manual and error-prone phone-based referrals at Arkansas Children’s, Cleveland Clinic, Huntsville Hospital, Intermountain Healthcare, Licking Memorial Health, and Parkview Health
  • An accompanying iReferral Launch Workshop walking through a step-by-step roadmap for launch, with tips and recommendations from experts in the field ranging from obtaining project approvals, to designing user-focused EMR workflows to automate processes, through design and deployment of effective broad training, and more
  • A dedicated iTransplant App session showcasing and plotting the future of the App’s TeamConnect capabilities, all specifically focused on the needs of donation-transplant professionals to advance critical communication and coordination
  • Insightful user community showcase presentations and a focused user group on Data Analytics, demonstrating successes in enabling key operational transparency and data-driven decision making and process improvements
  • Always-popular Maximizing Use of iTransplant and “Ask Me Anything” sessions, focused on providing attendees tools to fully leverage all iTransplant has to offer – with thought-provoking partner presentations and accompanying magic tricks to boot!
  • Focused Interoperability and Usability sessions that specifically targeted accelerating ecosystem workflow and applying key usability heuristics to continuously improve the day-to-day iTransplant experience
  • Dedicated Quality Assurance and Executive sessions allowing for specific focus on our robust quality, testing, and validation (21 CFR Part 11, 1271) program and targeted discussions on overarching initiatives
  • And a special “Eyes on the Prize” iTransplant-themed Team Competition, where “Team Nope”, comprised of ferocious competitors from Gift of Hope (Illinois) and Legacy of Hope (Alabama), rose above a deep field to claim this year’s championship.
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To complement the focused and productive work across the iTx2023 sessions, InVita hosted lively and fun evening receptions with great conversation, food, music, and laughter. An evening under the stars and along the Pacific Ocean was a highlight, complete with not only Phoenix joining the live band for an unforgettable and amazing special appearance, but some fun impromptu guest appearances rocking the mic as well (hold on to that feelin’, Joey!).



Proud to have hosted a successful event that allowed for donation-transplant professionals to come together to collaborate to help save and heal more lives, and invigorated with the many key ideas and progressed initiatives flowing from, InVita sincerely thanks all who attended and made iTx2023 possible. “With every iTransplant Global Partner Conference we host, we’re always sincerely humbled and inspired by the participation and enthusiasm of our partners, which fuels us to make each conference as productive and engaging as possible,” said Wade Liu. “We’re looking forward to putting so much into action from our collaboration last week to move the needle forward for donation-transplant, as well as taking another step up at our next conference!”



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