Accelerating our Donation-Transplant mission

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From our humble beginnings two decades ago to our emergence as the world leader in donation-transplant software, the veteran Transplant Connect team couldn’t be more excited to continue and accelerate our Donation-Transplant mission under the umbrella of InVita Healthcare Technologies.  InVita is an innovative global technology leader in the human biologics software space, with advanced, innovative digital solutions currently spanning: (i) blood center software, (ii) hospital tissue implant software, including RFID tracking, and (iii) DNA software, as well as, of course, our industry-leading and award-winning iTransplant Organ, Eye, Tissue and Birth Tissue Donation-Transplant Platform, our rapidly-expanding iReferral automated donor referral technology and our breakthrough iTransplant Mobile App, from HIPAA-compliant chat and image sharing, to logistics/team geo-tracking and integration with the iTransplant Platform for instant data access, and much more. 

The past months with InVita have been extremely fruitful. We’ve tapped into powerful new advantages that optimize our ability to support and empower our partners, from our turbo-charged technology planning and dramatically expanded R&D/investment capacity to impactful cross-fertilization/synergies with the other units with unique expertise in mission-critical human biologics software.  Now more than ever, we are positioned to expand the iTransplant Platform with new, innovative and impactful digital solutions – all to connect and streamline the Donation-Transplant Ecosystem further and empower our partners to save and heal even more lives!

Further in this regard, we’re extremely pleased to share Wade Liu’s very well-deserved promotion to Chief Product Officer of InVita and General Manager of our Donation-Transplant division, while our Founder, John Piano, continues in his visionary role, providing strategic leadership on the InVita executive team and in his position on the InVita Board of Directors.

We thank you for your nearly two decades of ongoing partnership and collaboration as we’ve modernized and streamlined much of the Donation-Transplant Ecosystem.  As we all know, there’s more work to do, and we couldn’t be more excited by our plans to expand the iTransplant Platform with a growing slate of new innovations that will empower you further in 2023 and beyond – all to help you save and heal more lives!

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